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Anne Hodgson has been an FCIS which means she was a chartered secretary (i.e. a qualified company secretary). She has also been a member of and has been a Branch Councillor with Chartered Secretaries Australia Limited ("CSA") which is the leading international professional body for company secretaries and those involved in the management of companies.

She assists clients with advice on maintaining their corporate records; preparation of Minutes and ASIC documentation; preparation of contracts, shareholders agreements, joint venture agreements and other business agreements; and maintaining and updating the Corporate Registers of their companies.

We can work with you and your management team together with your other professional advisers to put in place or improve management of your business; assist in preparing your business for sale; doing due diligence work on a business which you are looking to acquire; acquiring equity to develop your business and a range of other business and corporate related activities.

Anne recommends CSA's professional development courses including The Accidental Company Secretary® (which specifically assists people who assume the company secretarial role with little or no knowledge of what it involves).